What is MayaVate?
MayaVate is a mobile application housing strengthening exercises, plyometrics, balance training, agility drills, and active stretching for volleyball players. Doing these exercises correctly and consistently has been proven to reduce the risk of a knee injury in adolescent volleyball players. These exercises must be done correctly to provide the full effect and help the player(s) long term. Young female volleyball players are more susceptible to ACL injuries, in fact it is one of the most common injuries for female athletes.  

What can girls do to prevent these injuries?
Research has proven that participation in stretching courses can reduce the possibility of an
ACL injury in play by about 72%. After implementing these courses at many Chicago public schools in basketball
and soccer they found that participation in them during warm-ups reduced ACL tears by 80%, knee sprains
by 70% and ankle sprains by 62%. Which develops the question why has this not been implemented for
girls’ volleyball? That is where MayaVate comes in: opposed to training coaches to teach the course at
that their school MayaVate is a mobile application that allows your stretching program to be wherever
you are.