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Reduce your risk of ACL injury with MayaVate – the fun way to stretch before game, play or practice.

Get motivated with your friends and teammates, reduce your risk of injury in sport today with MayaVate!  Be ready for a safer season with MayaVate!

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Reduce your risk of an ACL related injury by up to 72%

Motivate your team with in-app progress-tracking

Take MayaVate with you wherever you go!

MayaVate is a mobile application, created by Maya Malackowski, with an instructional video teaching you how to properly stretch your ACL. MayaVate is working to spread awareness of ACL injuries in adolescent volleyball play; by making the exercises something that teams and individuals would want to take part in. Making the exercise videos into a mobile application means that they will be more accessible to a wider range of children and will be a fun way to complete the stretches.  As a volleyball player, myself, I have found that ACL injuries can be career-changing and can be reduced by simply stretching before practice or play. MayaVate makes stretching something fun and that you want to accomplish and be a part of.